A loving robot friend (whose voice is provided by Donovan Patton, who acted as "Joe" from Blue's Clues) who loves to sing and dance and has a fun-loving, childlike personality. His abilities are more functional than math-related. His arms and legs can be extended to reach things, by saying "Arms Extendo" or "Legs Extendo".


Milli's 10 year old brother (Voiced by Ethan Kempner), who zooms everywhere on his Super Skates. He also has abilities related to math skills, specifically shapes. Geo wears a shape belt and can create anything by assembling shapes and then singing "Super Shapes".


A 8 year old little girl, (Voiced by Sophia Fox and later, Madeleine Rose Yen). She has abilities related to math skills, specifically patterns and measuring. She can change her dress to any pattern and can then project that pattern by singing "Pattern Power". Milli is usually the one to interact with the child viewing the show when it is necessary to complete the next element in a pattern in order to accomplish something.

Umi Car

The team's beloved little orange car who drives the team wherever help is needed. It appears to be alive in several episodes.